Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Spring Fashion

Because I am already sick of snow and cold wind I am looking for spring fashion and lovely pieces which I want to buy in Japan. I think I will post more photos of pretty fashion in the next time ^^;;; I want to have a nice closet this year and enjoy it, because I have finally work.

First of all..
some great picture of the new collection of Duras. One of my favorite brands!

And here are some pieces which will be a must have in my closet! As you can see I am in love with pastell or bright clothers. I used to wear only black and I am sick of that, too ^^;;;
nude high heels, pearl necklaces, floppy hat, big earrings, big sunglasses, chiffon/plissé tops, lace dresses, overknee socks, lace shorts and skirts and lovely dresses made of light fabric!

What are your favorite pieces for spring? =3

Small update and shopping

In three days I am going to have semester break! ヾ(^∇^)

I will use my spring break to do some things. I really hadn´t much time.
- Finally finish my driver's license
- Much work to earn money
- LEARNING especially for my tests
- fitness studio - I want to lose >4 kilos.
- Planning my vacation
- Meet a few lovely people
  and the best thing
- My holidays in Japan * O * My gift for the completion of my first semester XD

The last week was a bit hard and I am kind of tired. Tomorrow I am going to have my last bn-test. It´s an oral one and I am nervous because the teachers are a bit crazy! XD

Last weekend I cooked mapotofu again, because Shou often posted good looking pictures at her blog and I was so curious! XD
I've done it mostly to mine own taste and recipe. It´s with Kimuchi and Nori! Really delicious, easy & fast to make and cheap! <3

My honey and me also tried to make picture in a normal public photo booth instead of puris. It smaller, faster and a bit less fun I think. I prefer the purikura in japan because of the cool effects and many extras.
Where is my nose?!XD A nice effect for Mana Cosplayers, because it is bright enough to cover a lot of your face.

I did also bit shopping! I want to save a lot of money for japan, but I the clothers were really cheap!
 I got this shirt at H&M for only ~8€.
 Got this usamimi at primark for 2€. It is made out out lace and remembers me of lizlisa! It is really cute and I hope to wear it soon!
The coolest tights ever! Three pairs of tights are packed separately in plastic bags which are small enough to put in the handbag. They costs only 1,50€!

I have also ordered these two pairs of circle lens and hope they will arrive soon! Hope the grey ones will look good on my dark eyes.
I will do a review of the shops and the lenses if you want =3 <3


Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Kiss Me Heroine Bihada Ichizoku Sheet Mask (Japanese Brand)

January 2011 I bought this sheet mask in Ikebukuro and never used it. Today was the final day! XD I finally used the mask.
Actually I only bought this mask because of the cute packaging and the advertisment which I have seen at Shibuya or Shinjuku Station.
It costs about 450Yen and is available in mostly every drugstore. There are many different types.
The mask has an moisturzing effect with herbal extracts, vitamin c plus it has an whiting effect.
There is one sheet in 27ml.
 The mask is soaked with much care. It is pulled over a plastic plate and relatively thick, so it doesn´t break fast.
 I looked so scary and somehow I don´t have the right face shape for the mask XD;;
 waiting in my pajama for 20 minutes and writing my report for japanese lesson.
 After using the mask my skin is softer, but a bit sticky. I can not say if the mask brighten or whiten my skin. The skin should be evenly toned after using the mask. 
 Maybe you could use the left over in the package for a second mask.
All in one the mask is fun and I will buy it again.

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Short and boring post, but cute LV´s Alma Cupcake




 日本へたくさん買い物のしに行きたいです!可愛いふくやおいしいりょうり ー もうまたない。


Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

New Overknee (!) Boots by Buffalo arrived

I thought a long time if I should invest in a pair of Buffalo Boots. They seem to be good quality and the style is awesome. I really wanted a new pair of suede overknee boots <3
Now the boots arrived and I am a bit dissapointed...they are really pretty but so high and wide. I Don´t know if I want to keep them because they were really expensive.
The heels are 12cm and the plateau is 3 cm. The cool thing is that you can not the the plateau and that makes your legs longer.
Worn they look something lik that... I couldn´t imagine that they are that long...I was really shocked.
I don´t think that it looks nice. But I think about a different way to wear them.


And Dastan was only interested in the box XD So cute!

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Small Haul - Ma*rs & Swordfish skirt

First of all ... many, many thanks for your kind comments on my last post. I also got new readers and I am so happy! =3

Today university has started again. But only a month and I've semester break! <3 And I will write my first exams ... learn, learn and learn.
I was home earlier and now I am lying in bed again. I have not slept all night and I'm really tired. Tonight I willwrite a lot of comments =3

A small package arrived with my two skirts which I have bought on gyaru/sales
This Ma*rs skirt...sadly a bit to big for me. I thought the ruffles would be quite cute!

 And this jeans skirt by swordfish. Actually i don´t like jeans skirts but I wanted to give it a try again because of the cute heart pockets...to be honest...this skirt is SO short! *O* but it has underpanties.

 McFit is one of the biggest chain for fitness centre and offered for christmas a coupon for two month and registration for only 20€. It really a great deal, because the registration already costs 20€.
Next month I will go to fitness centre and try to build a nice body for Japan and summer. 
I also wanted to try out solarium because my skin is so pale ** To be honest I am a bit scared because of illness and skin aging...do you have any expierences or tipps? =3

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope each of you had a nice evening. =3
I had some bad luck. I went with my Honey to Düsseldorf. There, we first ate in Okinii. The food was good and I have for the first time Green shell mussels, lamb and duck. But I mostly ate Gyu fireniku, shrimps and Temaki! <3 I've even got a cocktail for free! <3
Overall it was very crowded and you should definitely book a table! But the atmosphere and the waiters were great!

Some picture spaming because I had to waoit till my Honey got ready. 
I wore my new Golds Infinity Top and tried out the chanel make-up! I´m so in love with them! *O*


Then the disaster began. My new shoes are broken, it started to rain = hair is awful. -.-;;;
We have set ourselves in a bar to have something to drink because it was relatively early.
On the way to the Japanese temple, I fell and I hurt my leg the. -.- 

The temple and the garden is very beautiful. They have also offered in addition to green tea and Nikuman takoyaki.

After we prayed, we have gone for a walk in park. Later we have a coffee, but I was too tired to celebrate.
At four clock we were finally home.

I hope that the year 2012 things are going well!
I wish you all a good start!