Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

New Chanel Makeup and basics

The last few days I was at my Darlings home enjoying free time, shopping and delicious food! <3

In colonge a new new store called Bershka opened. They have really cool clothers, really cheap and they also offers clothers in size 32!!! Finally *O* many clothers are just too big for me.

I went to Douglas and bought me a new eyeshadow and a concealer by Chanel.

"Ombres Contrastes Duo" in Nr. 72 - Taupe Délicat
The colors are pastel and perfectly matched. I do use both of them everyday and really happy to get them in a set. 
"Estompe Éclat" in 10 Beige Clair.
  I can not recommend this concealer. It does not cover dark circles around the eyes very well. It is also hard to use. I will not buy it again -.-

Today I had to go to Duesseldorf to work. I was really fast and could go to "Bilk Arcaden" for some basic shopping. It is really hard to find some cool ankle boots. -.-

I was looking such a long time for damage jeans and finally I found a pair in Bershka which are not already sold out! These two tanktops are also my favorite basic ones. Sexy, sporty, elegant - everything.

Soon year 2011 is over and I am quite interested in 2012. I hope everything will go okay, but I do not plan anything big. =3