Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Just a little update

 Only 4 days left till christmas holidays and I am really happy. I already got tired of all the work.
I hope that I can soon show some pics of my little shopping haul *O*

On friday a christmas party took place at the university for japanese students.
The teachers and some students have made ​​a little show and then everyone have chatted with mulled wine. Later we went to drink something else in Dusseldorf. It was so crowded and noisy x.x 
But it was really much fun! <3<3<3 University is awesome!

 I went to H&M to look for the Versace collection. Actually where was one dress which I really liked. The fabric is lovely, color is super cute and the design is awesome. But then I tried it looked stupid. ;___; 
Later my Darling and I went to Starbucks where we talked a long time. Currently in the cold season  I could drink hot coffee at Starbucks the whole time.
 I'm totally in love with White Cafe Mocha. If you have not tried this yet, it's worth it! = 3 I'm looking forward to the Cranberry White Mocha! It also looks very tasty!
Before I went to my boyfriend early in the morning. I've dyed my hair again. A little darker. But ... too ashy. I'll never be satisfied! XD But I feel much more comfortable with the darker hair.

Dastan is also in "christmas" mood! Isn´t he super cute? and angry XD