Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

My 20th Birthday - just a short post (no time)

Today is my birthday...and what I did? I went to university very early XD

Of course is was quite fun and Beri&I had some free time so we took pictures with our laptops and heard Gazettes new album Toxic.
She was so nice and brang me a cute card and chocolate as a present! <3

Later my Honey visited me at university and attended one lecture (japanese society).
Then we finally went out for coffee and cake. We also took Puris~We also wanted to go out for dinner, but I didn´t know and already ate at university...I was really angry XD;;;
My honey gave me such a big present. I got a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30. Of course I really, really want this bag, but...I was really shocked.
The bag is really beautiful and well made...elegant and also sexy. 

Sadly university was very long and I have still much to do so We didn´t had much time together as last year.
This is my new baby! <3 I got it as a present from my father! It is a white sony vaio. 
some picture spam~

Many thanks to Chirality for the greetings! <3<3<3 So lovely ;O;