Montag, 14. November 2011

Honey Korean Candy and Presents from Japan + New Hair~~

Unfortunately, the weekend is over. I'm still very tired! ^^;;;
On saturday I went with my family for shopping and dinner to Essen. Later I went to my Honey because the came back from his business trip and vacation in korea and japan. I've had two weeks hardly any contact to him. The time differences are sometimes really difficult.
I was really, really happy to see him again. He was so kind and brought me things from Japan even though I was against it! ; O;

This is Kkul Tarae. It is a traditional Korean candy made up of  honey. Korean stretch the hard mixture into 16,000 strands.
 Its really fun to eat and tastes okay. Not very special but It looks very interesting =3
 And because I love japanese underwear so much.... <3 Its my first set in silver and blue~ I kinda like these colors! I also think it is a good idea to make a three point set!

 Diamond Nose Make-up! I use it everyday but it is really long-lasting, so I think I will not buy a piece of it anymore for the next three years XD You can also see the difference between "princess" in the middle and "dolly"
 I finally got the beige school uniform cardigan! <3 This style is super cool and comfortable. It also seems like this version is very popluar this year in japan!
 New magazins!! <3 Ageha, Ageha 成人の日 and EGG

In addition, I finally dyed my hair. Even if you do not really see in the photos. They have become darker and I feel much more comfortable! <3 coming soon, hopefully on my new extensions!

My boots are finally arrived from Japan! You are Galstar and unfortunately, my number one shopping service ordered too small! -.- But they are beautiful and make leaner legs <3
university...yeah...they are quite fast and it is pretty much work, but it is still fun. I´m learing Kanji right now...
I´m really happy to have the best japanese honey XD