Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Trip to Wiesbaden for a Rolex? + Photoshooting at the Immermannstraße

Tomorrow I start my third week in Uni and I'm curious how much work is waiting for me this week.
On Saturday my Honey and I got up early to go to Wiesbaden. In Wiesbaden is a store that sells the dream clock of honey.
The owner was cool and very nice! After coffee, he has invited us to the after show party of the Bambi Awards! o.o

When I saw this clock (Rolex Daytona)  for my first time I was like "hmm...okay..." I really can´t imagine that such a clock costs so much money!
Wiesbaden itself is a really nice and classic city! There are many beautiful and big mansions. I would love to live in such a mansions, too! *O*

Later we went back to Düsseldorf for some shopping. While walking around the Immermannstraße suddenly a woman asked us to take a picture of us for a project. Having coffee with her ​​and her assistant, she told us that she is a professor at the University of Duisburg and is doing a project for a design magazine. It has sounded really good and she was so nice!
In addition she had so much equipment and it took a hour. I hope that they have become good! At least it was a lot of fun!
At her website I found some really nice pictures of her.
 Of course we went to Takumi to eat ramen and I must say they are delicious! Today, we have also tried theEbi Fry! Highly recommended. <3 Takumi is really great and you should definitely try it once, if you were not there already!