Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Some random things

Hope everyone had a great weekend! =3 My weekend was very long ~ from Thursday to Tuesday. I spent the days together with my Darlinge. We had a lot of fun ~ looking for cars, meeting friends, partying, shopping and eating very much of course! **

 and of course the cutest cat ever!!! Dastan is the pure love... especially because this fur is changing for winter <3
Today I visited my sister in Essen. We were looking for a gift for my grandmother, and luckily she has found something nice.
Besides, we were eating and I've got some little things, because I really hardly want to save money for my vacation.
 I was really lucky to get the last one and it is really awesome! <3
 I´m really in love with the color *O* and this nail polish seems to be only one which doesn´t destroy my nails.
 For university start my sister and I bought this eraser XD... and it is really big and heavy x.x
Somehow I think this box is super sexy~ I found it in NanuNana <3
 Do you already tried the new fragance by Prada? It is called "Candy" and smells really, really good! <3
It smells slightly sweet but not too much like other ones.

Since I have an appointment for Halloween, I thought about how I should dress up. Frankly ... I find this simple outfit of Sakurina so sweet that I necessarily want to have! * O * That would be a great opportunity!

I also need a notebook for university. I will travel alot around Düsseldorf, MG and Cologne so I need something light and small. My father will buy me one of this as a present! <3 Looking forward to it =3 Which do you prefer?
 Sony Vaio

Apple Macbook

Tomorrow I've got three job interviews for part-time jobs in addition to the University ~
And because my honey likes short hair a lot. I let my Extensions at home. My hair has grown so much already! *O* The last time I cut them really short~
But I want to get some highlights soon <3