Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

First week in University + Japantag

Just a small post because I have much to do.

My first week at university is done!
Since I've now decided to study Japanese and English I have to do very much. My lecturers are great and much better than my teachers at school. =3 I have the feeling that I've learned a lot and hope soon to have a conversation in Japanese.<3
Saturday the festival "Japantag" took place in Düsseldorf. I was super tired and disappointed that I onlystayed about an hour. I was invited to a party, but I had to cancel because I had to sleep. x.x
Accordingly, my weekend consisted only of eating and sleeping with my honey. 

I totally forgot to take a goof picture, but I wore some Ma*rs and Golds Infinity clothers! <3
I also ordered a new coat! It was love at first sight. Since I have no idea of Korean fashion and do not know the original brand. And because I did not want to wait I got a replica and am super happy! Its beautiful! <3
Now I have to learn a bit again! *O*