Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

The Three Musketeer 3D + small purchase

Yesterday I went to the cinema with Kathi. We watched "The Three Musketeers" in 3D. For me it was the first movie in 3D and although I was suspicious at first I found the effect in this movie really great. The movie
is very detailed, funny and just awesome. I love the fight scenes and weapons in the film. But the costumes are also absolutely fantastic! I would like to wear every costume!
I would love to see it once again and I think it is woth to watch it in the cinema with 3D! =3

I also bought these shoes on sale for only 5€ <3 I think you have to buy it for this cheap price!

 And I also got a little present from my job at the gamescom. Two very cute Notebook sleeves! <3
Because I need a small laptop for the university I will use the small bag with the dreaming cat! =3
Do you know "John Frieda"?
It seems like they have great stuff for blonde hair. And I think especially dried blonde hair need much attention I wanted to give them a try.
Sheer Blonde Hydration Shampoo 5,99€
Sheer Blonde Hydration Conditioner 5,99€
Sheer Blonde Vitalizer 6,99€
"Wunderkur" Intensive Hair Mask 6,99€

I really hope the products will make my hair more healthy and my blonde nicer! x.x
I also made some cute pictures of Dastan! <3 Photospam! XD