Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

My new Jesus Diamante Bag arrived today!

I have got so many problems with the post office in the last time, because they couldn´t find y house. I was really scared because I should get some packages. One was send back, one is in customs ( -.-;;), others are still away and one arrived today! <3

My new "Heart Brigitte" Handbag in pink by Jesus Diamante! <3
 The bag is really beautiful. The pink is vers light and the lace soft and pretty. The bag also has a smal heart charm there you can read the brand name. The dust bag is really useful so your bag don´t get ruined. =3
Actually the quality  Jesus Diamantei is not that good like their prices. But the designs are lovely! <3

 I hope I can wear it soon. I´m really happy that I got the chance to own this cute bag!
 I really love the heart bags by Jesus Diamante! <3 The other one is the "Princess Heart Fur" Bag by Jesus Diamante! very soft and perfect for winter! Sadly you can not put much into the bag.