Montag, 26. September 2011

Love is a miracle, don´t you think?

Unfortunately the weekend is already over! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! =3 
My darling has come back from his business trip and we were so happy to be together again! <3 I made ​​his favorite food and then we talked about our trip to Japan ~ I'm looking forward to meet his family again, because they are so lovely! I'm really happy that they like me so much = 3
ah~We went out for some cocktails! In Cologne are sooo many cocktailsbars! x.x It will take much time until we've tried them all! Unfortunately offers  not every bar Bellini -.-;;; You should try this cocktail! It is made ​​of peach and champagne! So delicious!
But I can not believe it, we are almost two years together and love each other more and more. Soon we will also take the next very big step * O * I'm already excited!
You must be really happy to experience such a love! <3

Next weekend he will take a day off yor me so we will have much time to spend together *O*
My father had birthday and has invited us and some friends to dinner! The restaurant was really interesting furnished and pretty. But the highlight for me was the steak! I have never eaten such a good steak before! It was so soft and juicy * O * <3 The price was well worth it!

Now I´m looking for some furnitures for my room! <3