Samstag, 24. September 2011

I´m now officially a student

Today my semester ticket arrived with whom I can go through all of NRW! * O *  I have never again to pay a ticket to Cologne! Train is unfortunately super expensive -.-;;;

At least I'm now officially a
chemistry student of Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf! <3 From my own interest I'm studying Japanese and have a couple of economics courses, too. University will start on the 10. October! I've already made ​​my schedule ready! <3

Since I still make my theory hours for the driving license my father takes me to the training grounds, so I can practice driving already.
Things are going well and I can also do reverse parking. But then ... I had my first victim yesterday XD I really could barely see the hat. In addition, the Mercedes is so huge it seems to me as I would control an entire ship!
Juliane visited me yesterday. She has cooked noodles with shrimp and later we made Bellini! It was soo yummy! Overall we had a lot of fun ~<3<3<3