Montag, 26. September 2011

Love is a miracle, don´t you think?

Unfortunately the weekend is already over! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! =3 
My darling has come back from his business trip and we were so happy to be together again! <3 I made ​​his favorite food and then we talked about our trip to Japan ~ I'm looking forward to meet his family again, because they are so lovely! I'm really happy that they like me so much = 3
ah~We went out for some cocktails! In Cologne are sooo many cocktailsbars! x.x It will take much time until we've tried them all! Unfortunately offers  not every bar Bellini -.-;;; You should try this cocktail! It is made ​​of peach and champagne! So delicious!
But I can not believe it, we are almost two years together and love each other more and more. Soon we will also take the next very big step * O * I'm already excited!
You must be really happy to experience such a love! <3

Next weekend he will take a day off yor me so we will have much time to spend together *O*
My father had birthday and has invited us and some friends to dinner! The restaurant was really interesting furnished and pretty. But the highlight for me was the steak! I have never eaten such a good steak before! It was so soft and juicy * O * <3 The price was well worth it!

Now I´m looking for some furnitures for my room! <3

Samstag, 24. September 2011

I´m now officially a student

Today my semester ticket arrived with whom I can go through all of NRW! * O *  I have never again to pay a ticket to Cologne! Train is unfortunately super expensive -.-;;;

At least I'm now officially a
chemistry student of Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf! <3 From my own interest I'm studying Japanese and have a couple of economics courses, too. University will start on the 10. October! I've already made ​​my schedule ready! <3

Since I still make my theory hours for the driving license my father takes me to the training grounds, so I can practice driving already.
Things are going well and I can also do reverse parking. But then ... I had my first victim yesterday XD I really could barely see the hat. In addition, the Mercedes is so huge it seems to me as I would control an entire ship!
Juliane visited me yesterday. She has cooked noodles with shrimp and later we made Bellini! It was soo yummy! Overall we had a lot of fun ~<3<3<3


Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

My new Jesus Diamante Bag arrived today!

I have got so many problems with the post office in the last time, because they couldn´t find y house. I was really scared because I should get some packages. One was send back, one is in customs ( -.-;;), others are still away and one arrived today! <3

My new "Heart Brigitte" Handbag in pink by Jesus Diamante! <3
 The bag is really beautiful. The pink is vers light and the lace soft and pretty. The bag also has a smal heart charm there you can read the brand name. The dust bag is really useful so your bag don´t get ruined. =3
Actually the quality  Jesus Diamantei is not that good like their prices. But the designs are lovely! <3

 I hope I can wear it soon. I´m really happy that I got the chance to own this cute bag!
 I really love the heart bags by Jesus Diamante! <3 The other one is the "Princess Heart Fur" Bag by Jesus Diamante! very soft and perfect for winter! Sadly you can not put much into the bag.

The Three Musketeer 3D + small purchase

Yesterday I went to the cinema with Kathi. We watched "The Three Musketeers" in 3D. For me it was the first movie in 3D and although I was suspicious at first I found the effect in this movie really great. The movie
is very detailed, funny and just awesome. I love the fight scenes and weapons in the film. But the costumes are also absolutely fantastic! I would like to wear every costume!
I would love to see it once again and I think it is woth to watch it in the cinema with 3D! =3

I also bought these shoes on sale for only 5€ <3 I think you have to buy it for this cheap price!

 And I also got a little present from my job at the gamescom. Two very cute Notebook sleeves! <3
Because I need a small laptop for the university I will use the small bag with the dreaming cat! =3
Do you know "John Frieda"?
It seems like they have great stuff for blonde hair. And I think especially dried blonde hair need much attention I wanted to give them a try.
Sheer Blonde Hydration Shampoo 5,99€
Sheer Blonde Hydration Conditioner 5,99€
Sheer Blonde Vitalizer 6,99€
"Wunderkur" Intensive Hair Mask 6,99€

I really hope the products will make my hair more healthy and my blonde nicer! x.x
I also made some cute pictures of Dastan! <3 Photospam! XD