Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Shopping and delicious Cocktails+ Chocolate!

My parents are on holiday now for three weeks and I am alone at home with my sister and the cat. 
On weekend I was at my Darlings home. We went out for Sushi, which was quite good. On Saturday we visited Duesseldorf where I bought the new Ageha *O* I was so tempted because of the beautiful cover of Sakurina. But actually this issue isn´t that good.

This was my favorite site! Doesn´t the make-up and hair look totally awesome? <3
Then we went to cologne again for shopping. I got some cute dresses and make-up and he also bought a new camera, but sadly not the cool pink one. Pink cameras are still the best!
 Pulloverby Jane Norman on sal for only 10€ <3 It cost almost 50€ before the sale o.o;; I would never buy it!
 Also from Jane Norman on sal for only 10€. Actually I don´t like the pink heart on it. But Darling said it remindes a bit on Sakurina so I had to buy it! XD Also because it cost over 40€ before.
A new Kiko Store opened in Cologne so I went there to check it out! I bought these eye shadows in lovely autumn colors!
Today I went to Duesseldorf and bought this pullover in powder rose *O* I´m loving it!
On the picture it looks very uncomely but worn its really nice and chic =3

We also had some hot chocolate with vanilla aroma and delicious chocolate cake! *O*

Sometime I fell like I am just eating...but food is just tooooooo good! I want to go out and eat steak ;O;
Because in Düsseldorf are many bars with Happy Hour we went to a cocktails bar and got some delicious and hardcore drinks x.x 
One of mine was a "vanilla sky" is was very delicious and white with a touch of pink! I like cocktails which looks good and tasty. 
Aw~ and finally I could wear out my hat! *O* I am so in love with it...even if it is a bit uncomfortable.

I am working on some reviews of japanese products! So please be ready! =3