Freitag, 5. August 2011

Little Shopping and Film Shoot

Yesterday I went to a film shoot. The Film is about a couple which are from different levels and want to marry.
It was really interesting to meet the actors (even if I didn´t know them XD) and to see how the people make a movie.
I went to the scenes where they celebrate her stag night in a table-dance bar.
There were also two strippers who had to strip quite often! OO I've never seen such a thing before! I danced and celebrated a lot with some girls and was really exited. Sadly I wasn´r allowed to take any pictures -.-
From time to time I could also go before the camera and hope thereby to occur even once! XDDDD At least it has been a lot of fun and I can earn some money.<3

I also went shopping with Kathi and Juliane! <3
I bought this hat at H&M. They already have a autumn collection!<3 I really like it because the colors like nude and brown are really pretty and also the designes are very classic and pretty! The hat was a must-have and I´m really happy to own it!
Hat by H&M in black for 12,95 <3

And I also went to Jane Norman in cologne. I actually never bought something from this brand. ^^;;;
But I really fall in love with this color and the design! It reminds me a bit of a old dress by GOLDS Infinity which I once saw. And it was also on sale! yay (~^.^)~
 Turquoise dress by Jane Norman from 33€ to only 5€!!! *O*

And I also saw this dress in Zara! I totally love it and I´m still thinking about to buy it...
Zara Lace Dress for 39,95€

I really like it because it reminds me of Egoist! <3 I really love this brand! That is also the reason why I bought the hat! =3

And also some photospamming! :´D

 Because it was really hot here *hello* I wore some simple outfits but with my new bag <3

Thank you so much for your comments! I´m really happy that I got super cute new followers! <3