Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Gamescom 2011 - 17.08-21.08 working at a booth

I wast online for a long, because I got the chance to work at the Gamescom 2011 in cologne as a hostess. 
I was responsible for the booth of Digittrade (laptop sleeve). In my group were two other hostesses, who were super sweet <3 Our task consisted mainly stage performance and customer service, it was my first time as a hostess and not the last time! I´m also lucky that I didn´t took the offer to be one of the bikini girls **
The Gamescom 2011 itself  was very well attended. Some of the visitors had to wait five hours to play about 15-20 minutes a game.
It was also at Blizzard's "Diablo 3" booth. I met super nice people from Blizzard, who let me it directly so I could play  "Diablo 3"! It was great! * O * I'm looking forward to the game!
I talked to many other hostess who wore super awesome costumes! ** They were all soo beautiful and also very, very nice! <3
 Here are some pictures! =3

 Super cool fighter jet by Battlefield 3!

 I really want this car! It is sooo hot *O* I was really fascinated.
 Blizzard´s Stage with advertisment for Diablo! =3
 The dubbing speaker /Charles Martinet/ of Nintendos Mario was also there as a special Guest. I was so in love with Mario! =D

 This is Sonic and me after work and finally with flat shoes! funny work uníform, huh? XD

 These girls got bodypainted! They looked totally awesome and were also very, very nice! I´m jealous! **

All in one I got great experiences! I've met nice new people, saw amazing things, had fun and earning good money.
But was very stressful. About 9 hours in high heels and great heat. -.-;;;;