Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Small basic shopping for autumn & Duras new collection is online!

I finally got paid and had to go a little bit shopping again! I´m mostly done with basic clothers for university and such. Now I want to buy some more special clothers for dates and leisure! =3
Right now there are still three packages on its way. And one package has a special item in it! I am looking forward to it so much! *O*

On Monday I will go to another film shoot in cologneand I hope I can see many interesting things again! If you are interested you can also take part in it! <3
Actually I am really in love which this color! <3 I want to buy many other things in this color! 
These boots were very cheap and I can wear them in many different ways, so I think they are just super awesome! =3

I bought these earrings at Bijou Brigitte and I think these are really adorable! I think these are my perfect earrings! <3

And Duras, one of my favorite Brands published their new autumn/winter collection. The pictures are really beautyful and I also like the new model!
The items are very elegant and classic, but also sexy and cute. I think you feel very glamorous wearing such clothers by Duras. 
The collection also owns pretty item which are definitly a must have for my autumn/winter. Beautiufl hats, overknee boots, lace sexy and classic pullovers.
I´m pretty sure many girls already think about shopping new warm clothers and I think this year we have great stuff to choose! =3 

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Gamescom 2011 - 17.08-21.08 working at a booth

I wast online for a long, because I got the chance to work at the Gamescom 2011 in cologne as a hostess. 
I was responsible for the booth of Digittrade (laptop sleeve). In my group were two other hostesses, who were super sweet <3 Our task consisted mainly stage performance and customer service, it was my first time as a hostess and not the last time! I´m also lucky that I didn´t took the offer to be one of the bikini girls **
The Gamescom 2011 itself  was very well attended. Some of the visitors had to wait five hours to play about 15-20 minutes a game.
It was also at Blizzard's "Diablo 3" booth. I met super nice people from Blizzard, who let me it directly so I could play  "Diablo 3"! It was great! * O * I'm looking forward to the game!
I talked to many other hostess who wore super awesome costumes! ** They were all soo beautiful and also very, very nice! <3
 Here are some pictures! =3

 Super cool fighter jet by Battlefield 3!

 I really want this car! It is sooo hot *O* I was really fascinated.
 Blizzard´s Stage with advertisment for Diablo! =3
 The dubbing speaker /Charles Martinet/ of Nintendos Mario was also there as a special Guest. I was so in love with Mario! =D

 This is Sonic and me after work and finally with flat shoes! funny work uníform, huh? XD

 These girls got bodypainted! They looked totally awesome and were also very, very nice! I´m jealous! **

All in one I got great experiences! I've met nice new people, saw amazing things, had fun and earning good money.
But still...it was very stressful. About 9 hours in high heels and great heat. -.-;;;;

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Shopping and delicious Cocktails+ Chocolate!

My parents are on holiday now for three weeks and I am alone at home with my sister and the cat. 
On weekend I was at my Darlings home. We went out for Sushi, which was quite good. On Saturday we visited Duesseldorf where I bought the new Ageha *O* I was so tempted because of the beautiful cover of Sakurina. But actually this issue isn´t that good.

This was my favorite site! Doesn´t the make-up and hair look totally awesome? <3
Then we went to cologne again for shopping. I got some cute dresses and make-up and he also bought a new camera, but sadly not the cool pink one. Pink cameras are still the best!
 Pulloverby Jane Norman on sal for only 10€ <3 It cost almost 50€ before the sale o.o;; I would never buy it!
 Also from Jane Norman on sal for only 10€. Actually I don´t like the pink heart on it. But Darling said it remindes a bit on Sakurina so I had to buy it! XD Also because it cost over 40€ before.
A new Kiko Store opened in Cologne so I went there to check it out! I bought these eye shadows in lovely autumn colors!
Today I went to Duesseldorf and bought this pullover in powder rose *O* I´m loving it!
On the picture it looks very uncomely but worn its really nice and chic =3

We also had some hot chocolate with vanilla aroma and delicious chocolate cake! *O*

Sometime I fell like I am just eating...but food is just tooooooo good! I want to go out and eat steak ;O;
Because in Düsseldorf are many bars with Happy Hour we went to a cocktails bar and got some delicious and hardcore drinks x.x 
One of mine was a "vanilla sky" is was very delicious and white with a touch of pink! I like cocktails which looks good and tasty. 
Aw~ and finally I could wear out my hat! *O* I am so in love with it...even if it is a bit uncomfortable.

I am working on some reviews of japanese products! So please be ready! =3

Freitag, 5. August 2011

Little Shopping and Film Shoot

Yesterday I went to a film shoot. The Film is about a couple which are from different levels and want to marry.
It was really interesting to meet the actors (even if I didn´t know them XD) and to see how the people make a movie.
I went to the scenes where they celebrate her stag night in a table-dance bar.
There were also two strippers who had to strip quite often! OO I've never seen such a thing before! I danced and celebrated a lot with some girls and was really exited. Sadly I wasn´r allowed to take any pictures -.-
From time to time I could also go before the camera and hope thereby to occur even once! XDDDD At least it has been a lot of fun and I can earn some money.<3

I also went shopping with Kathi and Juliane! <3
I bought this hat at H&M. They already have a autumn collection!<3 I really like it because the colors like nude and brown are really pretty and also the designes are very classic and pretty! The hat was a must-have and I´m really happy to own it!
Hat by H&M in black for 12,95 <3

And I also went to Jane Norman in cologne. I actually never bought something from this brand. ^^;;;
But I really fall in love with this color and the design! It reminds me a bit of a old dress by GOLDS Infinity which I once saw. And it was also on sale! yay (~^.^)~
 Turquoise dress by Jane Norman from 33€ to only 5€!!! *O*

And I also saw this dress in Zara! I totally love it and I´m still thinking about to buy it...
Zara Lace Dress for 39,95€

I really like it because it reminds me of Egoist! <3 I really love this brand! That is also the reason why I bought the hat! =3

And also some photospamming! :´D

 Because it was really hot here *hello* I wore some simple outfits but with my new bag <3

Thank you so much for your comments! I´m really happy that I got super cute new followers! <3