Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

With Juliane at the Rhine Fun Fair

Today I met Juliane! We went to Düsseldorf to shop around a bit. I have not bought anything, because I should save. -.- I really hate that! But it is for a good thing!
Then we sat next to the Rhine and saw the Rhine funfair!
Spontaneously we have considered to go there. Fortunately it has not rained so much and there were only a few people! <3
I love funfairs because of all the delicious food! Sausages, cotton candy, fried noodles, apples of paradise, slush, waffles and crepes! I want to eat! ;O; 
There is a ghost train and at the front they have two wells. The water was "blood" and various body parts like hands and feet are in it! XD it looks really cool!
Later Juliane invited me to a ride with the rollercoaster! The rollercoaster has five loops and looks really good and exciting! <3
Of course we were in the first row and the ride was really great! Unfortunately, not very long, but that's normal. Now I want to go even more into a Theme Park! Hopefully I can go next month to Gardaland!
I hope o much that I can go there again with my sister! She has so much to do with university right now! x.x I wish her much luck and I want her cat back! ._.
I tried a hairstyle for work! I have to put up my hair and I normally never do that...so its really hard for me! XD And I also tried a more natural make-up~ I do look a bit more girly, I think. I´m wearing my beloved Mango Dress! It just need some more accessoires!