Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Sweet Home and cute presents from my boyfriend

On Monday I went to Düsseldorf Airport to pick up my Darling, who came back from his holiday in Japan.
I was really happy and so curious while waiting *O* We went to Pizza Hut to eat a big Salami Pizza! Of course it was really delicious and I was so full!
Finally at home we had so much to talk about and to cuddle. He was also very lovely and bought me cute presents! <3

A summer bag in white with black polka dot by my favorite brand Gold Infinity! <3 Sooo cute *O*
The bag is really big so I can use it often for all my things!

I am sooooo in love with japanese underwear. It suits perfectly and look so cute! He has a great tast and choose these two cuties. The first one has embroided hearts and big pink ribbons with rhinestone hearts!
I am also in love with japanese Gal Make-up! He bought me these "Nose Make-up" by Diamond because I really wanted such a highlighter! The color is "Princess".
I use these eyebrow mascaras everyday because of my dried hair. And it is also very good! He bought me so many that I don´t need to buy these for a long time! XD The color is li.ght brown
And of course delicious japanese candies! *O* I really like the package of the big one! <3 It looks a bit traditional.

I am thinking about to make a little review about the Eyebrow mascara and the Nose make-up =3 
Yay~ the haircolor seems to be okay now <3
Thank you very much for reading! <3