Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Shopping and a festival!

On Friday I met my sister in Düsseldorf. We went to "BoboQ"  and had delicious bubble tea!

Meanwhile, I tried these varieties.Peach Green Tea
Strawberry Green Tea
Peach Milk 
Stawberry milk 
Peach Yoghurt

But I must say that I really prefer the tea blends. Milk is also okay, but yoghurt x.x I felt really sick after that! XD
After that, we sat next to the Rhine and saw that the big Rhine Fair will take place in Düsseldorf soon! We definitely have to go theresmall! * O *
The dress is by zara and I really love it! *O* Maxidresses are perfect for summer and look really awesome!

Also, I've made ​​a small purchase! <3 The jumpsuit what I wanted for some time! I was too stingy to buy it anyway because I cant wear it very often (bad weather -.-). Fortunately, it was reduced to 5 * O * <3 <3 <3
And I also bought this super cute shirt by Mango! <3 I am truly in love with the color and hope to wear it soon! <3
The other thing is an Eye Roll-On by alverde. Alverde is a brand which offers cosmetics that is free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. I wanted to try is out, because they have good reviews and it sounds good. 

After eating some burgers we separated and I went to my darlings home. 
 On saturday at around 10 pm we decided to go to "Lichter 2011" in cologne, because I didn´t have to work on sunday! They offers music, food, carousels and a bigs fireworks. I ate delicious sausage, large fries, a giant cotton candy and a crepe with apples * O * Unfortunately I missed fried noodles to eat because of the the fireworks! ;___;
My Darling has also fulfilled the cliché and bought a gingerbread heart! XDDD Very cute! <3

 But then it took us over an hour to come home again! x.x