Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Roots and a new step to my favorite haircolor

Yes, I really need my roots done!
So I went to the ProfiHairShop to buy oxidant (3%). Normally I used 6%, but I want darker and healthier hair now.
My biggest problem is that my hair don´t hold any color. I dried them too often-.- ;;; youthful folly.
Sadly also the hairdresses couldn´t help me. It just costs a lot of money.
This is my almost my dream haircolor ( a warm honey blonde) and lenght...My aim! And I will give my best to reach this aim next year! I already have a Long Bob!

Then I found a haircolor at the drugstore which should be especially for dried hair like mine. I was really temped and bought it. Actually... the result wasn´t that good. It is still very light and and too ashy.
Tomorrow I will try out another haircolor and hope it will be more golden and warmer. Nevertheless I let the light blonde hair growing out.
My hair looks like this now. I think it is much better than before, but also a bit unhealtier. In one week it will be okay again, too.

And this was my hair at first! Soooo bright O_O
 and sometimes almost white. Never, never again!!!!
I know it´s still a long and hard way.......