Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

My Prom

On the 1st July was my results day and my prom. I went there with my parents, sister and my boyfriend.
At first we went to the church and after that to my school. It took four hours till I finally got my certification! And mostly every speech was boring, especially when you are really hungry and excited! XD
This is me at my graduation with my headmaster. I wore a simple black dress by Zara, shoes by Deary and Jelwelry by Jesus Diamante.

At 6.50 pm we were home again so I only had ten minutes to change and to arrive at the ballroom. The ballroom called "Kunstwerk" is a really expensive but popular room which is rented very often for concerts or other galas. I was very angry that we had to spend all our money for this hall. Seven years ago my sister was also there celebrating her prom and it was not really good.
Ultimately, I must say that the hall has really improved. We sat at the upper florr and it was very quiet. The buffet was huge and delicious! They also had shrimp and chocolate mousse, vanilla pudding and much, much more! The cocktails were also very tasty and cheap! The hall itself was nicely decorated and they had great chandelier! * O *

The hall "Kunstwerk" was really pretty and they offer delicious "Sex on the Beach" and "Vodka RedBull"

Later, when the parents are gone at about 12 pm the high school graduates and some teachers were alone. We had a really good live band, but the band was later replaced by a DJ. In the end it was more like a disco. Nevertheless, we dancedand drank a lot.
Very funny sight, eeveryone very elegant and pretty dressed dancing together  like in the PV "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO! XDDD
The party stopped at around 5 o´clock.
Overall it was fun and I got great memories!
My Prom dress is by Veni Infantino by Ronlad Jocye from the UK in my favorite color lilac!With the dress I wore my baretta and necklace by Jesus Diamante again. On the first picture you can see my boyfriend with me and on the next my beloved Juliane and Carolin. On the last picture my family and on the one picture the little Kitty Dastan sitting in the background! XDDDD
Later at my Darlings Home, we clinked glasses for his birthday, eating cake and celebrating a bit.

Thank you for reading <3