Montag, 4. Juli 2011

InStyle x Cartier Summer Cocktail Party

Hello everyone! =3
My Darling got an invitation for the Cocktail Summer Party by Instyle and Cartier on the 30th June. I was really curios who I could meet!

Before that we went to "Relax". Relax is a japanese Bar&Café in Düsseldorf, Immermannstraße. For the first time I drunk Lemon Splash and it was really delicious. So if you want something else you should give it a try. =3

Then we went to Gucci, because my Darling wanted a new belt for his suits. Like always the service was very nice and of course they give much effort. I really love this service! *O*
My Darling bought a very simple but elegant belt with a palladium G. The white one made of guccissima leather and with the interlocking G's is my birthday present for him. Luckily he was very happy about it. But it took so much time that we came too late for the Cocktail Party.

 I love the package of brands so much! look at the cute box *O*
 When we arrived Cartier was already full with people! The way to the store was an covered road with sand and shells!Very cute but hard to walk! XD The store is very small but still pretty. They offered champagner with raspberries and cocktail! At first I drunk a delicious glass of champagne. *o* the waiters wore white blue stripped shirts that make you feel like holiday.
Of course also some celebrities use the invitation for visiting the Party. We met Nina Moghaddam, a german moderator. She had a super beautiful Chanel bag! *O* Also Tina Burdhin, a german actor, was there. She wore an interesting outfit with a hat. But I was more amazed to see George Hamilton, an american actor next to me. *O*
It was really a nice event with many interesting people and really much brand and bling bling of course! ôô
After the party we were very hungry and so we went to "Korea Haus" next to the famous Immermannstraße. It is the oldest and best known Korean restaurant in Düsseldorf. For me it was the first time at this restaurant and also the first time eating korean food. *O*

The decoration in the restaurant is a little bit cheesy, but there is enough space for many guests. They also have a back room with karaoke.
That evening there were not many guests, but however the waitress seemed to be stressed out and confused.
For starters we had mandu, kimchi and other appetizers. The main dish was bulgogi beef and fried pork belly out.
The sauce was made of salt and sesame oil, which was really delicious. <3
Unfortunately we could not cook directly on the table, although we've got these metal chopsticks.;_; The waitress made it by herself next to our table and shes often walked away so the meat was too done.-.-
Overall, it was tasty, but not so much that I would go there again. I prefer gyoza and yakiniku.

At home I went directly to bed, because tomorrow 1. July my prom ball will take place. *O*

Thank you for reading, Claudia <3