Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Harry Potter at the cinema and a little bit shopping in Düsseldorf

On thursday I went to some friends to make a barbeque. And ... I got ill before I could eat anything! -.-
Then I went with my sister to the cinema to watch Harry Potter 7-2 <3 The film was really good and also very sad. And I have to say that it is definitely no film for little children. OO Actually I feel really old now, because Harry Potter was my a big part in my early life. Mh...
On saturday we went to Dusseldorf. We went to BoboQ to drink some Bubble Tea! I had Red Guava Green Tea with Passion Fruit Bobas. And Actually alsmost everything tastes the same! XD very, very sweet!
I also bought two little things on sale! <3
Creppy picture of myself with my Bubble Tea!
Cute Top by H&M; from 10€ to 3€ <3 I hoe I can wear it onetime -.-

From Siemens beige boots, because Germany I could and rainy -.-; from 30€ to 10€ <3
Tomorrow I will go to Airport Düsseldorf again and pick up my darling. You all were so right and the time passed very quickly. =)

Thank you so much for all the nice comments! <3