Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Games Fun and others

I've been lucky again and got sick. -.-;;;
The weather is bad and I don´t want to got out.
Yesterday Juliana visited me spontaneously. We have played very old games like Mario Party and Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64. The console is already about 14 years old and still works, although it is often flown over the place! Good quality? XD It was much fun and we revel in memories of childhood. <3

Then I had the desire to play Final Fantasy and finally done XII. I don´t like the story very much and so that's a bit exhausting. But the battle mode is cool. I love X, because the story and everything around is beautiful!
Games Freak? XD

In between I have made a great purchase (save 80%) and bought this great set * O * I absolutely wanted to have something in red! Even if I do not like the slip OO No woman always need suspenders, right?
And tomorrow I have to go early in the morning to the heatlh department to pick up a certificate for my new second job -.-; It's so far away and closes so early!

But my honey comes home back tomorrow! <3 And Friday morning he goes to Japan already ;____________; Because its of family reasons, I did not want to go with him... an I also have to work and to save money. I'm missing him so much.

And thank you so much for following me! <3
I hope I can make more interesting when I have a new camera! =)