Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Challenge: Improve my Make-up Part 1 - Cheek Color&Lip Gloss by CandyDoll

Today I have slept so long Oô Actually I had to work today, but it was rainy so I got stupid free time.
I'm really glad that I will work from next week somewhere else. This dependence on the weather is really stupid. They also pay better <3

So I was bored and until my darling (video)called me I tried out my very old webcam again.
January, I bought in Japan make-up of CandyDoll, because I think the brand is pretty cute. Back then, everything had to be pink for me! pink blush, pink lip gloss. x.x
Of course I already noticed that it doesn´t suit me, because I´m so bright and pale ^ ^;;;

So here I´m using the blush "Strawberry Pink" by "Candy Doll"... too heavy for me, don´t you think?
Actually my hair is a bit darker in reality

So I looked for other colors by CandyDoll. And I think these are pretty nice!
Actually I prefer Peach Pink right now...maybe just because I love peaches =D <3
But somehow "Carrot" (?) looks a bit more natural and soft, but I think it´s just when you have a bit more skincolor than me XD And the Peach one can make you look fresher and more healthy, ne~
 Next to the cheek color I saw these highlighters which you use after the cheek colors. Actually I don´t know if it really necessary to own this. But it can not hurt! XD 
The website of CandyDoll  recommended to use for ""Strawberry" and "Peach Pink" Pink the "Marshmallow" one. And for the "Carrot" "Cream Beige". Logical. 

Next thing that catched my eyes were the Lip Concealers and Lip Glosses! Sometimes my lips are a bit to dark and red...actually I like it and my darling even more, but sometimes it doesn´t look good and lip concealers are perfect for this "problem". Actually I already tried it with normal concealers and it was pretty nice!

The colors of the lip glosses by CandyDoll look so lovely that I can not really choose one. But "Pink Macaroons" is a bit cuter than "Glitter Gelato", don´t you think? And especially it gives you a bit more color for your face and it is not too heavy. Especially if I use the concealer before.

Here I am wearing my everyday make-up. It´s just really fast to make and nothing special ^^;;;
And soon I will color my hair again...the roots are so big again x.x

So I think I will take 
Peach Pink - Cheek color
Marshmallow Purple - Highlighter
Lip Concealer
Pink Macaroon - Lip Gloss
Do you think that the colors are okay for me and will suit? =3
Thank you for reading! <3