Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

At the airport and memories

Luckily my illness is gone and I feel better so...
Yesterday I went to cologne to spend some time with my Darling before he goes to Japan. Finally we were awake all night. What means for me two nights without sleep. -.- The only thing that cheered me up that morning was the fact that I was awake early enough to eat breakfast at McD. Actually I don´t like to eat there, but I like the breakfast! <3 Well ...because of the nice airline (*cough* Luft.hansa*cough*) , I missed my breakfast -.-;;;; 
My Darling with Ronald, without my breakfast! ;O;  - Düsseldorf Airport is really nice <3
The farewell was really, really hard. I was already crying ... althrough he is only for 10 days away and on Monday I can pick him up again. Right now I think about what I should do as a bento on Tuesday. This distract me from yearning. is fun!

While've been thinking about holiday in Japan I remembered something.
I have bought this dress/sweater in Spiga, Shibuya 109, because it was so cute on the saleswoman. Unfortunately I can not remember how it looked like. At least it  looks terrible on me and I never really wore it... how can I combine and decorate it? In the Ageha's I havn´t found any useful thing.
That makes me crazy!