Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Sweet Home and cute presents from my boyfriend

On Monday I went to Düsseldorf Airport to pick up my Darling, who came back from his holiday in Japan.
I was really happy and so curious while waiting *O* We went to Pizza Hut to eat a big Salami Pizza! Of course it was really delicious and I was so full!
Finally at home we had so much to talk about and to cuddle. He was also very lovely and bought me cute presents! <3

A summer bag in white with black polka dot by my favorite brand Gold Infinity! <3 Sooo cute *O*
The bag is really big so I can use it often for all my things!

I am sooooo in love with japanese underwear. It suits perfectly and look so cute! He has a great tast and choose these two cuties. The first one has embroided hearts and big pink ribbons with rhinestone hearts!
I am also in love with japanese Gal Make-up! He bought me these "Nose Make-up" by Diamond because I really wanted such a highlighter! The color is "Princess".
I use these eyebrow mascaras everyday because of my dried hair. And it is also very good! He bought me so many that I don´t need to buy these for a long time! XD The color is li.ght brown
And of course delicious japanese candies! *O* I really like the package of the big one! <3 It looks a bit traditional.

I am thinking about to make a little review about the Eyebrow mascara and the Nose make-up =3 
Yay~ the haircolor seems to be okay now <3
Thank you very much for reading! <3

Review: New Straightener By Remington - S2014 Protect&Shine pro slim ceramic 230


On monday my new straightener by Remington arrived. My old one by Remington (Wet to Straight) is already four years old and starts to break.
I bought the straightener on sale for only 20€. Which is really cheap for a straightener and I already used it a few times.

Information about the Remington S2014 Protect&Shine pro slim ceramic 230
-> variable high heat 150°-230°
-> Heats-up in 30 seconds
-> Ceramic, Tourmaline & with Teflon coating
-> Heat protection bag
-> Automatic safety shut off
-> Extra long swivel cord
-> Plate lock for storage
-> Multi-voltage

+ Slides smoothly through the hair
+ Nice plates for shiny hair
+ Multi-voltage (That means you can use it also in other countries like Japan.)
+ Bag for traveling
+ Good heat distribution in the plates
+ solid processing

- swivel cord is not long enough
- a bit hard to make curls
- The outside gets hot very quickly too
- While working you can push the on / off button by mistake

Also Remington gives a three year guarantee! =)

Awesome price-performance ratio!!! I would buy it again altrough I would love to own a GHD or Tondeo.
Love it <3

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Harry Potter at the cinema and a little bit shopping in Düsseldorf

On thursday I went to some friends to make a barbeque. And ... I got ill before I could eat anything! -.-
Then I went with my sister to the cinema to watch Harry Potter 7-2 <3 The film was really good and also very sad. And I have to say that it is definitely no film for little children. OO Actually I feel really old now, because Harry Potter was my a big part in my early life. Mh...
On saturday we went to Dusseldorf. We went to BoboQ to drink some Bubble Tea! I had Red Guava Green Tea with Passion Fruit Bobas. And Actually alsmost everything tastes the same! XD very, very sweet!
I also bought two little things on sale! <3
Creppy picture of myself with my Bubble Tea!
Cute Top by H&M; from 10€ to 3€ <3 I hoe I can wear it onetime -.-

From Siemens beige boots, because Germany I could and rainy -.-; from 30€ to 10€ <3
Tomorrow I will go to Airport Düsseldorf again and pick up my darling. You all were so right and the time passed very quickly. =)

Thank you so much for all the nice comments! <3 

Roots and a new step to my favorite haircolor

Yes, I really need my roots done!
So I went to the ProfiHairShop to buy oxidant (3%). Normally I used 6%, but I want darker and healthier hair now.
My biggest problem is that my hair don´t hold any color. I dried them too often-.- ;;; youthful folly.
Sadly also the hairdresses couldn´t help me. It just costs a lot of money.
This is my almost my dream haircolor ( a warm honey blonde) and lenght...My aim! And I will give my best to reach this aim next year! I already have a Long Bob!

Then I found a haircolor at the drugstore which should be especially for dried hair like mine. I was really temped and bought it. Actually... the result wasn´t that good. It is still very light and and too ashy.
Tomorrow I will try out another haircolor and hope it will be more golden and warmer. Nevertheless I let the light blonde hair growing out.
My hair looks like this now. I think it is much better than before, but also a bit unhealtier. In one week it will be okay again, too.

And this was my hair at first! Soooo bright O_O
 and sometimes almost white. Never, never again!!!!
I know it´s still a long and hard way.......

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

With Juliane at the Rhine Fun Fair

Today I met Juliane! We went to Düsseldorf to shop around a bit. I have not bought anything, because I should save. -.- I really hate that! But it is for a good thing!
Then we sat next to the Rhine and saw the Rhine funfair!
Spontaneously we have considered to go there. Fortunately it has not rained so much and there were only a few people! <3
I love funfairs because of all the delicious food! Sausages, cotton candy, fried noodles, apples of paradise, slush, waffles and crepes! I want to eat! ;O; 
There is a ghost train and at the front they have two wells. The water was "blood" and various body parts like hands and feet are in it! XD it looks really cool!
Later Juliane invited me to a ride with the rollercoaster! The rollercoaster has five loops and looks really good and exciting! <3
Of course we were in the first row and the ride was really great! Unfortunately, not very long, but that's normal. Now I want to go even more into a Theme Park! Hopefully I can go next month to Gardaland!
I hope o much that I can go there again with my sister! She has so much to do with university right now! x.x I wish her much luck and I want her cat back! ._.
I tried a hairstyle for work! I have to put up my hair and I normally never do its really hard for me! XD And I also tried a more natural make-up~ I do look a bit more girly, I think. I´m wearing my beloved Mango Dress! It just need some more accessoires!

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Challenge: Improve my Make-up Part 1 - Cheek Color&Lip Gloss by CandyDoll

Today I have slept so long Oô Actually I had to work today, but it was rainy so I got stupid free time.
I'm really glad that I will work from next week somewhere else. This dependence on the weather is really stupid. They also pay better <3

So I was bored and until my darling (video)called me I tried out my very old webcam again.
January, I bought in Japan make-up of CandyDoll, because I think the brand is pretty cute. Back then, everything had to be pink for me! pink blush, pink lip gloss. x.x
Of course I already noticed that it doesn´t suit me, because I´m so bright and pale ^ ^;;;

So here I´m using the blush "Strawberry Pink" by "Candy Doll"... too heavy for me, don´t you think?
Actually my hair is a bit darker in reality

So I looked for other colors by CandyDoll. And I think these are pretty nice!
Actually I prefer Peach Pink right now...maybe just because I love peaches =D <3
But somehow "Carrot" (?) looks a bit more natural and soft, but I think it´s just when you have a bit more skincolor than me XD And the Peach one can make you look fresher and more healthy, ne~
 Next to the cheek color I saw these highlighters which you use after the cheek colors. Actually I don´t know if it really necessary to own this. But it can not hurt! XD 
The website of CandyDoll  recommended to use for ""Strawberry" and "Peach Pink" Pink the "Marshmallow" one. And for the "Carrot" "Cream Beige". Logical. 

Next thing that catched my eyes were the Lip Concealers and Lip Glosses! Sometimes my lips are a bit to dark and red...actually I like it and my darling even more, but sometimes it doesn´t look good and lip concealers are perfect for this "problem". Actually I already tried it with normal concealers and it was pretty nice!

The colors of the lip glosses by CandyDoll look so lovely that I can not really choose one. But "Pink Macaroons" is a bit cuter than "Glitter Gelato", don´t you think? And especially it gives you a bit more color for your face and it is not too heavy. Especially if I use the concealer before.

Here I am wearing my everyday make-up. It´s just really fast to make and nothing special ^^;;;
And soon I will color my hair again...the roots are so big again x.x

So I think I will take 
Peach Pink - Cheek color
Marshmallow Purple - Highlighter
Lip Concealer
Pink Macaroon - Lip Gloss
Do you think that the colors are okay for me and will suit? =3
Thank you for reading! <3